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The Great Historical Sources of Sri Lanka

History Letter

Hope you enjoyed my previous articles. So from this article I give you information about Historical Sources of Sri Lanka.So easy showing I can classify Historical sources as follows...

1. Literary Sources
2. Archaeological Sources
  • Coins.
  • Inscriptions.
  • Ruins.
  • Gold/ Copper/ Lime plates
Some of the sub titles mentioned here are published and you can read them.In the next post I will describe these sub titles with much information. Hope you'll enjoy it. 

With the hope of meeting you with a new post saying happy day for you!. 


Ron said...

Interesting, I would like to learn more about historical sources.

Shyam @History of SL said...

@Ron Thanks for your comment! I'll post those information now..Wait for it..

History Of SL

Priya said...

I Love SL.I Like SL history; I LOVE ARCHEOLOGY!!!!!!!!!! thx

Saliya T. Ranawake said...

i need to learn about archeological ple drive me...

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