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Archaeological Sources of Sri Lanka : Coins

Coins are an important source that helps us to study the history of Sri Lanka. The oldest coins found in Sri Lanka are called the 'Has Ebu Kasapana' (Sealed or branded coins). Among the carvings on the 'Vahalkada' (gateway to the city) of the Dakkina Vihara in Anuradhapura a carving of a dwarf(Vamana) counting coins from a pot can be seen.

The symbols on coins, the dates mentioned on them, the metals in which they are made of, the finish or the craftmanship of coins and the places where they were found are some of the important aspects of coins as historical sources.

The guardstones of Abhayagiri are decorated with strings of coins. Of the two dwarfs 'Sanka and Padma Nidhi' in the lime tablets in Abhayagiri, falling coins can be seen in the Sanka Nidhi image. These "Has Ebu" coins were made of copper, bronze or silver. The following are some symbols found in "Has Ebu" Coins.

In addition to "Has-Ebu" coins, some other kind of coins were found at excavation sites in Anuradhapura, Kiribath Vehere and Digamadulla. These coins have the image of a tusker on one side and 'Svasthika' on other side.

Rankahawanu (Golden coins made out of gold) was another kind of coins used in Sri Lanka. These coins carried the image of "Kuvera" on both sides.

Sri Lakshmi coins too were found in different parts of the country. They were found specially in Mullaitiv, Kattarodei and Wallipuram. Every Lakshmi coin carries the image of Lakshmi on one side and the Swathika on other side.


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