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The Value of Studying History

Hope you enjoyed my first post about History called 'What is History? The Smart Introduction'

History is a valuable subject that shows the way to study all other subjects. It is a subject that presents a lively conversation between historians and the past events. It also helps to study about and be with the characters you liked most and also do some service to mankind emulating them. According to C.P. Heal history is a subject that helps you to acquire knowledge, tolerance and strength for criticizing things. History gives the access to inter-human relationships.

The study of history helps us to admit logically what we got from other nations. At the same time it helps us to show other nations what our country can give them. This will help us to understand the mutual relationships of nations.

The study of history gives us a suitable background to be with the world society. Thus, history can be considered a subject that promotes international unity. Students of history can gain a subject based discipline. One can develop the knowledge about other countries studying the history books written about them.

History is not a subject confined only to that subject matter, but a guide for knowledge for all other subjects. It provides a background knowledge about the events leading to a methodical study of any other subject.

Consider the case of a student studying medicine. Still he has to study some of the hypotheses presented by Hipocrates, (The father of modern medicine) who lived in Greece in the 4th century B.C.

Every student of History will get some idea about Herodotus, (The father of history) who lived in Greece in the 4th century B.C. This shows how history leads the way to study all other subjects.

The task of a historian is not to cling  on to the past or to dissociate from the past, but to resort to the past as a key to understand the present.

When studying history a person becomes well disciplined as he associates himself withe distinguished characters of the past. It improves his ability of observing the past. Comparing the past and the present he gets and insight to evaluate the social and cultural values of time he is studying. He is able to identify and evaluate national and international values. History will help us to develop international relationships providing necessary information to study about the people of other countries and their behavioral patterns.

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