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Welcome Post n' the First Post

Hello.... This is History of Sri Lanka (sl). and this is the welcome post. In this welcome post I'll tell you about History of SL blog. Everything has a past story or simply history. So.. every country, every person, every place has its own historical story. This story continuous to present. As the time goes history also increasing.

In this History of SL blog will bring you about History. Blog will let you know about History of Sri Lanka. It is nice and interesting to know about History of Sri Lanka, because it has very nice stories. You can know about lots of things about Sri lankan History. Below I mention some topics which you can know from History of SL blog. These are the things just came to my mind right now. 

  • History of Past Kings.
  • Historical Places of Sri Lanka.
  • Historical Sources.
  • History of Development of Sri lanka.
  • History of Culture that was in Sri lanka.
  • History of Everything about Sri Lanka.  

There will be more than these bullet topics. So keep in touch with History of SL Blog. So just follow the blog or Subscribe to my Newsletter and Be a fan of Facebook page! within the hope of meet you again with my First real Post Good Bye!


Techmaker said...

This is the first comment from me for your newest blog..

Good post... keep continuing it up...

Happy blogging


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