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Archaeological Sources of Sri Lanka : Inscriptions

Inscriptions can be classified into two types. They are

  1. On Metals - Eg. Panakaduwa Copper Plate.
  2. On Stones - Eg. Galpotha in Polonnaruwa.
Horizontal Stone Inscription
Horizontal Stone Inscription
Stone Inscriptions

The stone inscriptions are important sources to study the history of Sri Lanka. they help to verify the correctness and the authenticity of the information contained in literary sources.

The Stone Inscriptions are of 4 types
  1. Len lipi        (Cave Inscriptions)
  2. Giri lipi        (Rock Inscriptions)
  3. Tam lipi       (Pillar Inscriptions)
  4. Puwaru lipi   (Slab Inscriptions)
Vertical Stone Inscription
Vertical Stone Inscription
In the local sources of literature very little is mentioned about the local readers. But the stone inscriptions in Thammenna, Habessa, Kusalanakanda, Sandagiri Vehera, Yatahalena and Bowattegala mention about some of them. The Stone Inscriptions very often confirm the information given in the literary sources.

The information given about 'Dasa Maha Yodha' or ten giants(commanders) of king Dutugemunu in the 'Mahavamsa' is confirmed by stone inscriptions. Sithulpauwa stone inscription tells about Nandimitra (one of the dasa maha yodha). Well-elalugoda stone inscription gives information about Pussadewa(another one of dasa maha yodha).

The information get from these stone inscriptions proves that the 'Dasa Maha Yodha' in 'Mahavamsa' were real historical Characters and Not fictitious ones. 

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where are the two above photos from?

Madavi Gunaratne said...

It was very useful for me and it was a great artickle.
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Madavi Gunaratne said...

I think the horizontal inscription is the galpotha inscription and the vertical inscription doesn't seeem so that it is frm SL
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